Try our new OXYGEN FACIAL. Our facial is formulated to generate a measured and controlled amount of oxygen to the skin ensuring maximum benefits while minimizing the risk of free radical damage. This treatment can be used on any skin type and we have found it to be excellent for anti-aging and acne management. This […]

Benefits of hydrafacials & hydradermabrasion

What is Hydradermabration? A Gentler approach than traditional dermabration this resurfacing treatment vaccuums out the pores whilst pushing in active ingredients! ✔️Exfoliates top layers softening build up of dead skin cells whilst hydrating at the same time! ✔️Improves absorption of skincare products ✔️Optimising skin health ✔️Improves dull looking skin What are the benefits of a […]


Emsculpt Philadelphia, PA Despite our best efforts, it can be difficult to tone your body when some stubborn fat still clings around. While eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly are essentials to getting fit, sometimes they may not be enough to sculpt the body. EMSCULPT is a breakthrough body sculpting treatment that can be your key  to unlocking toned […]


Hydrafacial 101 When it comes to skincare, we love a good regime and wearing spf ( can’t forget that). However the hydrafacial is the perfect pick me up that gives your skin the ultimate glow and cleanse. There are several steps involved in the hydrafacial. You’re probably wondering why is this facial so special ? […]


Become a Revive Member Today! We are excited to announce that Revive Medical Philadelphia has launched a membership program. For only $99.00 a month enjoy exclusive benefits, perks, and offers year round. Read our blog post below as we touch on everything included! We are excited and we certainly hope you are too! What comes […]

BOTOX IS A GIRL’S BFF- Revive Medical Philadelphia

BOTOX, BOTOX, and more BOTOX Botox Recap: Botox is always the perfect topic for discussion. When in it comes to writing blogs, Botox almost always is a topic that needs coverage. Every get annoyed? Angry? We all do, and how many times do we make a face and go (OMG THOSE LINES!!!) When women express […]

The Bride Guide with Revive Medical Philadelphia

The Ultimate Revive Bride Guide Brides!  it is only right we give you some TLC before your big day. With all stressful planning sit back, leave your skin to us. #REVIVE has the perfect timeline for you. This timeline will hit all the basic and key factors you need to be in tip top shape […]

Lip Filler Facts- Revive Medical Philadelphia

Lip Filler Talk How many of us have seen Kylie Jenner? I am pretty sure all of us can agree her lips are seriously something else ! Kylie Jenner has taken lip filler to the next level. As the Revive squad sits and admires her perfect pout, we simply had to make a post all […]

The Benefits of Botox – Revive Medical in Philadelphia

The Benefits of Botox Let’s talk Botox, since it is such a common treatment. Diving into the beauty world of aesthetics, the Revive team decided to start blogging and sharing our interests with the rest of the internet world. Today, we are focusing on the thing women love more than diamonds and flowers- Botox. Botox […]

Laser Hair Removal is the Right Choice- Revive Medical Philadelphia

Laser Hair Removal We are just going crazy over Laser Hair Removal, and after reading this blog you will too! When it comes to hair growth, it is time to ditch that annoying razor, and jump on the Laser Hair Removal train. There is so many different options when it comes to removing hair. Waxing, […]

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