Medical Weight Loss in Philadelphia

Enjoy Results with Medical Weight Loss in Philadelphia, PA

Weight Loss - Revive Medical Botox and Laser

At Revive, we understand how difficult it is to maintain effective weight loss through just diet and exercise alone. Our medical weight loss specialist, Dr. Gambar, has developed a program that assists you in achieving your target weight loss goal through medical supervision as you make the necessary changes to your life.

Our goal is to help you to regain control over your weight loss and your life. With offices located in the heart of Philadelphia, PA, you can now enjoy access to our medical weight loss program that will shift the power back into your hands. We achieve results through a multifaceted approach that combines targeting food issues with changing destructive lifestyle practices. In regular consultation with our physician, your medically managed program helps to shift the stubborn pounds that have been resistant to your efforts thus far.

In combination with our medical weight loss program, we offer a range of tools, resources, and education to help you achieve your weight loss goals. We deliver cognitive behavior therapy with nutritional counseling to inspire confidence within you.

Does Medical Weight Loss Work?

Many people across Philadelphia struggle to lose weight effectively. Often, this is not your fault as you take steps to make the proper changes in your life. However, with medical supervision, you have a higher chance of meeting your goals through accountability and commitment. Let us be your partners as you embark on your journey to a newer, healthier you.

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