Hair Restoration in Philadelphia

What’s Involved in the PRP Procedure for Hair Restoration?

Much like our current PRP system for anti-aging, the Harvest PRP procedure for treating hair loss involves the following steps:

First, some of your own blood is withdrawn as you would if you were having a routine blood test. Then, the collected blood is spun in a centrifuge twice and, as the PRP separates, it is removed from the rest of the blood.

Next, using a sterile medical apparatus that concentrates the platelets to six times the normal blood values, the PRP is prepared. By doing this, particles that hinder tissue regeneration are eliminated.

Finally, this highly concentrated PRP is injected into the scalp with a mesotherapy gun. The procedure is virtually painless and does not require anesthesia.

What Do I Do Before and After a PRP Treatment?

Avoid taking Advil, Motrin, blood thinner medication, or alcohol 72 hours prior to receiving a PRP treatment.

After the PRP application, do not wash your face until the next day (wait a minimum of four hours, but a 24-hour wait is recommended).

Avoid heat 24–48 hours following your PRP treatment (e.g. sauna, long hot showers, and vigorous exercise).

Avoid exposing your skin to the sun—and make sure you are using sunscreen lotion when you step outside.

Avoid chemicals (e.g. swimming pools, tanning beds, ampules, and serums).

What to Expect from the Harvest PRP Procedure:

You may feel a slight burning or tingling sensation that will only last for a few seconds.

Since many injections into the treatment area are needed, you may feel a little discomfort and experience minor bruising or swelling. This will go away within 24 to 48 hours.

Be patient! Results are seen gradually over a 12-week period.

If you have thinning hair this is the perfect treatment for you. If you already have full baldness we may refer you for more advanced treatments. PRP contains special cells called Platelets, that can cause the growth of the hair follicles by theoretically stimulating the stem cells located in the Dermal Papilla as well as other structures of the hair follicle. These special Platelet cells promote healing and accelerate the rate and degree of tissue healing and regeneration, response of the body to injury, and formation of new cellular growth. The primary purpose of using PRP in hair restoration is to stimulate inactive or newly implanted hair follicles into an active growth phase. PRP hair restoration does not have an immediate result. Best results show 4-6 months after in conjunction with a topical and oral supplement (please read below). You typically need 3 treatments 3-6 weeks apart with touch ups 1-2 times a year. Hair loss and hair thinning is an ongoing issue and needs maintenance.

With PRP hair restoration, we will take your blood and separate it from the plasma as mentioned above. We will then use the plasma and inject it into the scalp to help nourish the hair follicles.

Oral supplementation

Have you Heard About VIVISCAL®?

Viviscal® is an oral supplement that is considered one of the most effective hair care products for men and women in the U.S. Using all natural ingredients including hair care supplements to promote growth, this drug-free product includes a proprietary combination of fish proteins and vitamins that boost the growth of healthier, better-looking hair. The AminoMar™ marine complex used as part of the Viviscal® hair growth vitamin therapy is not suitable for people who have a shellfish allergy.

How Exactly Does the VIVISCAL® Work?

If you are suffering from thinning hair as a result of a nutrient deficiency, age or hormone imbalance, Viviscal® helps by halting these common problems from within. Viviscal® naturally restores balance to your follicles, promoting hair growth through the replenishment of the important nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that your body needs to create luscious, beautiful hair. Viviscal® is a dietary supplement that does not involve harsh chemicals and is given over a six month period in four stages to stimulate hair growth by delivering vitamins and minerals to the capillaries that feed your hair follicles.

How Quickly Does Viviscal® Work?

The results of Viviscal® will become apparent as early as three or four months after beginning the treatment. The treatment schedule requires that you take the oral supplement twice a day up to six months, with a minimum of three months.

Can Anyone Take Viviscal®?

Both men and women can benefit from Viviscal® hair care therapy. Whether you are suffering thinning hair as a result of age, or have a condition affecting the growth of your hair such as alopecia, Viviscal® provides a natural way to recover the growth of your hair. The treatment contains the AminoMar™ marine complex, horsetail extract, biotin, and vitamin C which work in combination to promote stronger, healthier hair. Viviscal® is not recommended for people with shellfish allergies, so consult with Dr. Gombar before deciding if Viviscal® is the right treatment for you.

How is Viviscal® Different than Other Treatments?

Viviscal® is a natural oral supplement designed to provide an alternative to drug or surgery based interventions for hair loss. Viviscal® is an evidence-based treatment method that works for all hair types.

Topical Medication


NuGene creates medical-grade topical hair care products that stop hair loss and prevent further damage to give you thick and healthy hair. NuGene scientists use an innovative stem cell technology in their products that are able to produce large quantities of growth factors in a pure and natural form, helping to restore your youthful head of hair. The growth factors nourish and revitalize dormant hair follicles, stimulating the scalp for extended growth.


Continued use of NuGene products will rejuvenate your hair, reducing thinning, splitting and breakage through advanced stem cell technology. NuGene’s unique ingredient and protein blend protect your hair from environmental factors. It also hydrates your strands by replenishing essential oils adding strength and shine, giving you younger looking hair.


All NuGene hair care products come with specific directions on how to apply to get the best results possible. NuGene is noninvasive and easy to incorporate into your daily routine.


NuGene can help repair damaged hair and enhance hair restoration. Dr. Gombar will discuss which NuGene products are right for you depending on your various needs and the severity of your hair loss. You may be advised to combine NuGene with other hair restoration treatments offered at REVIVE.


You don’t have to have extreme hair loss or severe damage to benefit from NuGene; everyone can benefit from its advanced regenerative technology. NuGene products stimulate follicular regeneration, leading to healthier, shinier looking hair.

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