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Here at REVIVE our goal is to build confidence and make you the best possible version of yourself. The way you look is important to the way you feel and your self-confidence! We want you to feel and look great! This is why wellness and aesthetics is our core focus here at REVIVE. Our clients love how they feel after a visit to REVIVE because our qualified professionals use only the most advanced technology and techniques in a comfortable, modern setting to give our clients the best treatment and plan.

We believe that you should invest in your skin – as it is going to represent you for a long time.

Botox Philadelphia

As we age, we get wrinkles/lines forming for two main reasons, the skin starts to get thinner and we continuously wrinkle the skin. Botox Philadelphia will target one of those problems! Lines form because of repetitive movements of the muscle causing the overlying skin to crease. An effective was to stop those lines from forming or getting deeper is to stop that motion utilizing neuromodulators.

We offer Botox Philadelphia, Xeomin, and Dysport. Results should last from 3-8 months. If you want to learn more about this treatment please feel free to call, email, or come on in for a consult (can be scheduled under booking).

The other reason, skin thinning can be helped with a consistent skin regimen! We will discuss this at your appointment.

Some areas commonly treated with toxin:

Each area requires roughly 18-25 units to treat. (Dysport is double the units)

Is sweating a problem for you?
Hyperhydrosis can be treated with Botox Philadelphia. Toxin injections for the treatment of excessive sweating in axilla, palms, and soles of feet. Lasts 6-9 months.


As we age, our face starts to lose some of its supporting structure and fullness. This can make the face look “deflated”, loose, or sagging. With the use of different fillers we can restore the volume to your face.

One of the common worries I see from patients is that they are worried they will look unnatural. This is not my goal in treating my patients and we will discuss what you can expect your results to look like. "You look great," is what you should get as a response to filler treatment, not "you look different for some reason." The goal is to have a better version of you.

Typical price of Hyaluronic Acid filler is priced by syringe. I do not believe in selling syringes, rather I want to offer you a result. If the result you desire requires more than one syringe of product we can discuss a price that will fit your budget. Different products are used for different areas of the face and the cost varies between products. I want you to be happy with your results so I see you back here. Take a look below to learn more about different products, typical costs, and uses, but don’t get overwhelmed, its my job to know the difference in the products and pick the correct one with you.


  • Juvederm: an injectable facial filler used to soften deep folds and reduce wrinkles in the face. The products are hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring substance found in skin, muscle, and joints.

    • Ultra - Nasolabial folds, oral commissures, marionette lines, and chin wrinkles when diagnosed as moderate to severe wrinkles and folds. *many require ½ syringe for lips and will cost half the price, please look at booking for more information.
    • Volbella - Lips, perioral rhytids/lines, under eye for adults over the age of 21.
    • Voluma - Cheek area in patients with moderate to severe age related volume loss of mid-face.
    • Vollure - Moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds (such as nasolabial folds).
  • Restylane: an injectable facial filler used to soften deep folds and reduce wrinkles in the face. The products are hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring substance found in skin, muscle, and joints.

    • Refyne - Injection into the mid to deep dermis for treatment of nasolabial folds, marionette lines, submental crease, radial cheek lines. Best results with superficial wrinkles and folds.
    • Defyne - Injection into the mid to deep dermis for treatment of nasolabial folds, marionette lines, submental crease, radial cheek lines. Best results with deeper wrinkles and folds.
    • Silk - Indicated for injection into the lips and perioral rhytids/fine lines around the mouth.
    • Restylane Lyft - Indicated for injection into the mid to deep dermis for nasolabial folds, marionette lines, mid-face contouring.
  • Other Products

    • Belatora - Great for dark cirles around the eyes/tear trough. Tends not to last as long.
    • Radiesse - Calcium gel based filler for deeper lines and facial volume loss. This calcium filler is good for molding and has nice results in chin augmentations, jaw refinement, and check augmentation.

Kybella™ is an injectable treatment for submental fat or double chin area that dissolves fat with deoxycholic acid, the naturally occurring acid that is produced in the body to absorb fats. Kybella was approved by the U.S. FDA in May 2015 for the reduction of submental fat. For best results this usually requires 3-4 treatments 4-6 weeks apart. You can also ask us about off-label use for other localized fat areas (bra fat, jelly rolls, inner thigh fat, small pockets of localized fat. Prices vary per area. Please read the FAQ or call for more information.


When you compare different modalties for skin rejuvenation the underlying theme is you must create some kind of injury to the skin to activate the bodies inate repair mechanism. This repair mechanism triggers the body to make new cells, the deeper the trauma to the area the better the results will be. That is why typically treatments that are deeper and require more down time provide the best results. Microdermabrasions are a PHYSICAL trauma to the skin. Chemical peels are a CHEMICAL trauma to the skin. Laser treatments are a HEATING trauma to the skin. Microneedling is also a physical trauma to the skin.

Microneedling creates microinjuries to the skin allowing for it to stimulate collagen production in order to heal. Our microneedling device can be calibrated to different depths and our goal is to get you to the deepest depth for the most optimal results. Now that the microneedling has created these little microchannels into the dermes we use hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals and amino acids so that there is a better absorbation of these products into the newly created microchannels. The same procedure is done and we can use PRP to get the best delivery of the PRP into the skin. Please see below for more information on PRP.

You are numbed for the procedure and you can expect to have about a day or two of down time (use this day to nourish your face with creams and masks).

  • Microneedling
  • Microneedling PRP (Vampire Facial)

You must be patient, the skin make new cells every 30 days, so you will see optimal results in 30 days, studies have showen best results are 3 treatments so we do encourage you to commit to 3 treatments.

  • Microneedling 3 treatment pack
  • Microneedling PRP (Vampire Facial) 3 treatment pack

Microneedling with or without PRP is also great for scars and stretchmarks, please ask us about pricing as prices vary per treatment area!

What is PRP?
Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a simple procedure that uses your own cells and your body’s natural growth factors to treat aging skin. PRP is also more casually known as the “PRP Facelift,” as it references eternal youth and dealing with blood. Don’t fret though: it’s not at all gruesome. It’s actually a pretty amazing treatment.

PRP therapy is used to treat aging skin all over the body, including knees, thighs, arms, and stomach. It is safe to use anywhere, as it is your own-body’s physiological product; therefore, there is no risk of your body rejecting it.

Best results are seen when combining treatments; for example, the application of PRP immediately after a laser treatment, such as the Laser Genesis Rejuvenation or the Laser Spectra Peel. To accelerate results, it is recommended the patient applies vitamins to the skin in between treatments.

What’s Involved in the PRP Procedure for Skin Rejuvenation?
The procedure is very simple and it takes on average about 30 minutes. Here are the steps:

  1. Drawing some of your own blood (similar to a blood test);
  2. Centrifuging your blood (spinning it very fast for about five minutes); this process will separate the red blood cells from the plasma;
  3. Platelet-rich plasma is then extracted from the machine and inserted into the micro-needling gun;
  4. Using the micro-needling gun, the plasma is then injected into your skin in the required areas.

What Do I Do Before and After a PRP Treatment?

  • Avoid taking Advil, Motrin, blood thinner medication, or alcohol 72 hours prior to receiving a PRP treatment.
  • After the PRP application, do not wash your face until the next day (wait a minimum of four hours; but a 24-hour wait is recommended).
  • Avoid heat 24–48 hours following your PRP treatment (e.g. sauna, long hot showers, and vigorous exercise).
  • Avoid exposing your skin to the sun—and make sure you are using sunscreen lotion when you step outside.
  • Avoid chemicals (e.g. swimming pools, tanning beds, ampules and serums).
Hair Restoration

What’s Involved in the PRP Procedure for Hair Restoration?
Much like our current PRP system for anti-aging, the Harvest PRP procedure for treating hair loss involves the following steps:

  • First some of your own blood is withdrawn as you would if you were having a routine blood test.
  • Then, the collected blood is spun in a centrifuge twice and, as the PRP separates, it is removed from the rest of the blood.
  • Next, using a sterile medical apparatus that concentrates the platelets to six times the normal blood values, the PRP is prepared. By doing this, particles that hinder tissue regeneration are eliminated.
  • Finally, this highly concentrated PRP is injected into the scalp with a meso-therapy gun. The procedure is virtually painless and does not require anesthesia.

What Do I Do Before and After a PRP Treatment?

  • Avoid taking Advil, Motrin, blood thinner medication, or alcohol 72 hours prior to receiving a PRP treatment.
  • After the PRP application, do not wash your face until the next day (wait a minimum of four hours; but a 24-hour wait is recommended).
  • Avoid heat 24–48 hours following your PRP treatment (e.g. sauna, long hot showers, and vigorous exercise).
  • Avoid exposing your skin to the sun—and make sure you are using sunscreen lotion when you step outside.
  • Avoid chemicals (e.g. swimming pools, tanning beds, ampules and serums).

What to Expect from the Harvest PRP Procedure:

  • You may feel a slight burning or tingling sensation that will only last for a few seconds.
  • Since many injections into the treatment area are needed, you may feel a little discomfort and experience minor bruising or swelling. This will go away within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Be patient! Results are seen gradually over a 12-week period.

If you have thinning hair this is the perfect treatment for you. If you already have full baldness we may refer you for more advanced treatments. PRP contains special cells called Platelets, that can cause growth of the hair follicles by theoretically stimulating the stem cells located in the Dermal Papilla as well as other structures of the hair follicle. These special Platelet cells promote healing and accelerate the rate and degree of tissue healing and regeneration, response of the body to injury, and formation of new cellular growth. The primary purpose of using PRP in hair restoration is to stimulate inactive or newly implanted hair follicles into an active growth phase. PRP hair restoration does not have an immediate result. Best results show 4-6 months after in conjunction with a topical and oral supplements (please read below). You typically need a 3 treatments 3-6 weeks apart with touch ups 1-2 times a year. Hair loss and hair thinning is an ongoing issue and needs maintenance.

With PRP hair restoration, we will take your blood and separate it from the plasma as mentioned above. We will then use the plasma and inject it info the scalp to help nourish the hair follicles.

Oral supplementation


Viviscal® is the #1 selling hair growth dietary supplement in the U.S. It helps nourish weak or damaged hair and promotes existing hair growth from within. Viviscal® is 100 percent drug-free and is made up of a mix of nutrients including the proprietary AminoMar™ marine complex. AminoMar™ marine complex is a blend of vitamins and fish proteins known to help boost healthy hair growth. IF YOU HAVE A SHELLFISH ALLERGY YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO USE THIS PRODUCT.

Viviscal® halts thinning hair and hair loss from within the body. Many factors such as stress, age and hormones can deplete your body of the necessary nutrients needed for thick luscious hair. Poor nutrition can cause your hair follicles to become dormant resulting in little to no hair growth. Viviscal® helps replenish your body with those important vitamins and minerals that fuel the capillaries responsible for stimulating hair follicles and growth. The dietary supplement works in four stages over a six-month period.

Users can see noticeable results of fuller, stronger and thicker hair in just three to four months. Viviscal® should be taken twice daily for a minimum of three to six months.

Viviscal® is recommended for both men and women. The oral supplement is designed specifically for men who suffer from temporary hair loss and women with thinning and damaged hair. It is formulated with the finest ingredients including the exclusive AminoMar™ marine complex as well as vitamin C, biotin, and horsetail extract; all nutrients that help reduce hair shedding and create noticeably stronger, healthier and vibrant hair.

Those allergic to fish or seafood should not take Viviscal® as AminoMar™ marine complex is created from marine life. Viviscal® is a medical grade oral supplement so you should always consult a physician before taking. Dr. Glat will meet with you and determine if Viviscal® is right for you.

Viviscal® is a drug-free, surgery-free solution to hair restoration. It is made with ingredients of natural origins and is an easy-to-use product that works with all hair types. Viviscal® is clinically researched and backed by medical studies.

Topical Medication

It is a customizable medication that is a take home product that you put on your scalp that is formulated for you through a compound pharmacy.


Products used during mesotheapy contains two main classes of active ingredients: hyaluronic acid and amino acids. Hyaluronic acid can hold moisture within the skin, keeping the skin hydrated while adding subtle volume to support skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Some amino acids can also help to add moisture within the skin, and some act as antioxidants, helping to protect the skin from free radical damage. Some amino acids can help heal wounds and other damage, and others help cells function, boosting their ability to repair wrinkles and other signs of aging. Amino acids can provide nourishment to the skin from within, strengthening connective tissue to help keep the skin firm, smooth, and elastic.

LED Therapy

Here’s some science for the skeptics: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4126803/

Laser Therapy

We cover a large variety of Laser Therapy Services

Please head to our Laser Therapy page for more information

Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss Coming Soon!

FAQ Section

How does Emsculpt reduce fat?

Emsculpt is a toning and firming technology that causes the muscles in the treatment area to contract using electromagnetic energy. These contractions are akin to doing a sit up or squat. Each treatment can achieve 20,000 contractions, which supercharges your body into eliminating fat at a faster rate than exercise.

What can Botox be used for?

While Botox is known for its ability to reduce the visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines, it has been approved for a range of therapeutic applications for the treatment of migraines, sweating, muscle spasms, and bladder problems.

What is an IPL facial?

An IPL facial involves treating problem areas in the face with light energy. Sunspots, birthmarks, acne, discolored skin, and pigmentations are all able to be corrected with treatment by an IPL device by encouraging the cells causing the blemishes to break up and disappear.

How long does an IPL facial last?

The effects of an IPL facial begin to show about one week after treatment, but to enjoy lasting results; you should schedule your procedures every month. You will notice that the most optimal effects last up to five months.

How much hair loss is normal?

Hair loss is a regular aspect of life. Women shed more hair each day than men, but the number of strands that you lose is nothing when compared to how many you have in total. Hair strands have a two to the five-year life cycle and will naturally fall out when at the end.

How does hair restoration work?

There are many ways to restore hair, ranging from surgical options such as hair transplants to Platelet Rich Plasma and Viviscal®. Each method has advantages and disadvantages and works in different ways to promote natural hair growth.

Which permanent hair removal method is the best?

Revive Philly promotes the ProWave hair removal method for lasting results for our clients in Philadelphia, PA. This treatment is suitable for people with any skin type and is safe and efficient in removing hair for good.

Does Revive Philly Offer Care Credit to Their Customers?

Yes, you can now experience easy payment options for any service provided by Revive Philly through Care Credit. With flexible payment terms to suit your monthly budget, your medical treatment is well within reach. To calculate your monthly payment options for our procedures, use the payment calculator located here (https://www.carecredit.com/providercenter/assets/views/resourcescenter/promote/assetlistings/getAsset-calculator.php?size=421x221&color=ffffff).

Is ProWave Laser Treatment a Permanent Hair Removal Process?

Yes. ProWave works by penetrating into the skin to eradicate hair completely. The laser targets follicles to reduce pigment and growth of hair. ProWave results can be seen even as early as after a single treatment.

Is ProWave Suitable for Hair Removal on My Face?

Absolutely! The ProWave technology is built to suit any skin type or color. This means that we can set the parameters of the device to suit the problem area, including the face.

Is PRP Treatment Safe?

Yes. Platelet rich plasma is created from taking a volume of your own blood which is then spun under force to separate the protein and platelet rich plasma from the red blood cells. As the PRP is harvested from your own body, there is no chance of a reaction against the injection.

How Long Will it Take to See Results from PRP Treatment?

Our patients typically see results from PRP treatment for hair restoration within a period of 12 weeks after the treatment starts.

What if My Question Is Not Answered Here?

If you have any more questions about the services provided by Revive Philly, our team is happy to help. Either visit us at our clinic in Philadelphia, PA, or call us at 1-844-738-4832

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