Laser Hair Removal is the Right Choice- Revive Medical Philadelphia

Laser Hair Removal is the Right Choice- Revive Medical Philadelphia

Laser Hair Removal

We are just going crazy over Laser Hair Removal, and after reading this blog you will too! When it comes to hair growth, it is time to ditch that annoying razor, and jump on the Laser Hair Removal train. There is so many different options when it comes to removing hair. Waxing, threading, tweezing, and shaving are all options, however, are they really that amazing in the long run? Laser Hair Removal is actually one way to permanently remove hair! Waxing, tweezing, and shaving can be time consuming, leave your irritated, and they are not permanent ways to remove hair. For blog post #2, the Revive team decided to touch on everything you need to know when it comes to Laser Hair Removal. Laser Hair Removal is provided at our facility located in Philadelphia, PA.

How long does Laser Hair Removal take?

In just six (6) treatments our machine takes away about 90% of hair! That is right, our state of the art technology leaves you skin smooth, hairless, and simply glowing. The Revive staff advises a free consultation before beginning your Laser Hair Removal treatment in order to assess your skin and hair. We recommend spacing each treatment 4-6 weeks apart for optimal results. Laser Hair Removal sessions last 10 minutes for small areas, and up to 1 hour for large to extra large areas.

How does Laser Hair Removal work?


Laser Hair Removal works by sending the light of a laser through the pigment in the hair. “This (light) converts to heat, which damages the hair follicle and hair bulb.” Thankfully, the lasers used at Revive Medical Philly, has a cooling mechanism, to make this simpler, (basically a constantly running cold blast of air right where the laser points) making the experience feel better and not so hot. It is important for our customers to have an enjoyable Laser Hair Removal experience, so the staff at Revive offers state of the art equipment.

What are the benefits of Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal has many benefits actually! Aside from clearer, smoother skin, and permanent hair reduction, Laser Hair Removal also has benefits including helping to reduce ingrowing hairs and less skin irritation. Many of our clients who use to shave were so irritated, had razor burns and bumps, however, now after undergoing Laser Hair Removal treatments, their skin is silky smooth, with no irritation or redness. Unlike a razor blade, Laser Hair Removal does not cause irritation with hair growth, hair grows back fine, and thin in between your treatments.


What is the pricing of Laser Hair Removal?

Treatment prices vary when it comes to Laser Hair Removal. Revive Medical Philly offers competitive pricing, and packages on areas. Our website breaks down each body part, and price. Feel free to book a free consultation with us through our website, giving us a call, or viewing our instagram, We would love to see your for your Laser Hair Removal treatment, and as a thank you for choosing us we offer $50.00 off first time clients who spent $350.00 or more.

Ditch that razor and get laser!

For more questions on Laser Hair Removal feel free to contact the Revive Medical Philadelphia Team ! We would be happy to discuss any concerns or questions you may have regarding the Laser Hair Removal treatment and process.


FAQ Section

How does Emsculpt reduce fat?

Emsculpt is a toning and firming technology that causes the muscles in the treatment area to contract using electromagnetic energy. These contractions are akin to doing a sit up or squat. Each treatment can achieve 20,000 contractions, which supercharges your body into eliminating fat at a faster rate than exercise.

What can Botox be used for?

While Botox is known for its ability to reduce the visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines, it has been approved for a range of therapeutic applications for the treatment of migraines, sweating, muscle spasms, and bladder problems.

What is an IPL facial?

An IPL facial involves treating problem areas in the face with light energy. Sunspots, birthmarks, acne, discolored skin, and pigmentations are all able to be corrected with treatment by an IPL device by encouraging the cells causing the blemishes to break up and disappear.

How long does an IPL facial last?

The effects of an IPL facial begin to show about one week after treatment, but to enjoy lasting results; you should schedule your procedures every month. You will notice that the most optimal effects last up to five months.

How much hair loss is normal?

Hair loss is a regular aspect of life. Women shed more hair each day than men, but the number of strands that you lose is nothing when compared to how many you have in total. Hair strands have a two to the five-year life cycle and will naturally fall out when at the end.

How does hair restoration work?

There are many ways to restore hair, ranging from surgical options such as hair transplants to Platelet Rich Plasma and Viviscal®. Each method has advantages and disadvantages and works in different ways to promote natural hair growth.

Which permanent hair removal method is the best?

Revive Philly promotes the ProWave hair removal method for lasting results for our clients in Philadelphia, PA. This treatment is suitable for people with any skin type and is safe and efficient in removing hair for good.

Does Revive Philly Offer Care Credit to Their Customers?

Yes, you can now experience easy payment options for any service provided by Revive Philly through Care Credit. With flexible payment terms to suit your monthly budget, your medical treatment is well within reach. To calculate your monthly payment options for our procedures, use the payment calculator located here (

Is ProWave Laser Treatment a Permanent Hair Removal Process?

Yes. ProWave works by penetrating into the skin to eradicate hair completely. The laser targets follicles to reduce pigment and growth of hair. ProWave results can be seen even as early as after a single treatment.

Is ProWave Suitable for Hair Removal on My Face?

Absolutely! The ProWave technology is built to suit any skin type or color. This means that we can set the parameters of the device to suit the problem area, including the face.

Is PRP Treatment Safe?

Yes. Platelet rich plasma is created from taking a volume of your own blood which is then spun under force to separate the protein and platelet rich plasma from the red blood cells. As the PRP is harvested from your own body, there is no chance of a reaction against the injection.

How Long Will it Take to See Results from PRP Treatment?

Our patients typically see results from PRP treatment for hair restoration within a period of 12 weeks after the treatment starts.

What if My Question Is Not Answered Here?

If you have any more questions about the services provided by Revive Philly, our team is happy to help. Either visit us at our clinic in Philadelphia, PA, or call us at 1-844-738-4832

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