Lip Filler Facts- Revive Medical Philadelphia

Lip Filler Facts- Revive Medical Philadelphia

Lip Filler Talk

How many of us have seen Kylie Jenner? I am pretty sure all of us can agree her lips are seriously something else ! Kylie Jenner has taken lip filler to the next level. As the Revive squad sits and admires her perfect pout, we simply had to make a post all about lip fillers. So what better way than to drop some facts and good knowledgeable information than in a blog? Stay tuned for some Lip filler talk with us.

Lip Filler Fact 1:

People often times ask us, can I remove lip filler once I get them. The answer is yes. If you for some reason decide you do not want filler anymore, your injector and doctor can remove the lip filler. What happens is an injection of an enzyme called hyaluronidase is put into the lips to break down particles and speed up the process to break down your lip fillers. Results are instant, but it could take a couple days for the lip filler to totally go down and for swelling to decrease as well. Removing lip filler does have a little discomfort during the process.

Lip Filler Fact 2:

Are there any risks to getting Lip fillers? Like any treatment there are risks to having lip filler. Our injectors go over any risk factors, and sit down with the client before hand filling out a medical survey. We like to ensure the safest possible treatment for our clients at Revive Medical Philadelphia! Some risks from injecting lip filler are vascular occlusions. This is quite rare, however this can lead to tissue necrosis. We advise anyone looking to get lip filler done to see a specialist and a board certified injector. So many women come into Revive Medical Philadelphia with a “botched” lip job, we fix the job after several visits, but it is truly so important to go to a professional. When doing any medical treatment you want to be safe and in good hands. Revive Medical Philadelphia has the highest trained, certified, and most professional staff. We offer free consultations for lip filler as well, so please book with us if you have any questions !

Lip Filler Fact 3:

How long do fillers last? Everyone is different, but the ultimate answer for how long do lip fillers last is 6-8 months! It ultimately depends on how fast your body metabolizes the product.

Lip Filler Fact 4:

Lip filler does not hurt, you may experience some discomfort during the procedure. We often numb our clients with a topical cream, and our lip filler has numbing (lidocaine) within the syringe as well. Once you are numb, you may feel a little prick and some slight pressure of the needle. Once lip filler is injected your injector will massage the area which helps spread out the lip filler and it truly feels good ! We provide ice as well after the lip filler treatment has ended. The total procedure time lasts about 15-20, numbing lasts about 30 minutes.

For anymore questions about lip filler pricing, need to know burning questions, or photos of before/after treatments visit our instagram @revivemdphilly. You can also give us a call, or walk in anytime ! We love having visitors ! Revive Medical Philadelphia is always having specials on filler, so stay up to date with us !

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