Botox Myths- Revive Medical Philadelphia

Botox Myths- Revive Medical Philadelphia

Welcome to the first Revive Blog! What better way to start blogging than to make a first post all about Botox Injections! Our team has decided to post weekly about topics in both the beauty and medical world.

Now let’s talk Botox! A word we are all so familiar with. But, lets be honest, most of us have heard the myths and questioned this magical toxin. Botox injections are a taboo subject, and often times when people bring up the word Botox no one raises a brow (that was a joke, but yet so serious). This post is all about uncovering the concerns most people may face when discussing Botox. Before we dive into our post lets hit some basic facts we all need to know about Botox. Aside from Botox being a women’s best friend these days, ( yes we know diamonds and flowers are still awesome, but you’ll quickly change your mind after your first Botox treatment).

What is Botox and what does Botox treat?

Botox is a neurotoxin also known as “botulinum toxin” that is used to treat the muscle area by simply paralyzing it, causing no movement.  Fun fact, Did you guys know that Botox is actually the most popular non-surgical treatment! Over millions of people, both men and women have gotten Botox injections. At our Philadelphia office, we treat a number of our patients using Botox. From treating fine lines and wrinkles, to migraines, excessive sweating, muscle twitching, bells palsy, and incontinence, Botox is pretty much the solution to a number of problems.

Now, lets get to the good part, ending the stigma and uncertainty of Botox. Debunking the myths, and stating the facts of why Botox is truly so amazing !

Myth #1: Botox injections are painful.

Botox injections are actually more like a tiny bug bite feeling. The needles are so thin, that only small amounts of fluid can be injected at a time. The treatments are quite simple, and when in the right hands it is super quick and easy! At Revive Medical Philadelphia, our injectors are highly trained in their skills and techniques for administering Botox, so trust us you are in good hands and taken care of ( literally).

Myth #2: Botox will work instantly

FALSE! The full result of Botox actually is not seen right away! Botox usually starts working 5-7 days post treatment. Everyone’s body adapts and responds differently to treatments, so you may notice full results at a different time than others ( which is totally ok!)

Myth #3: Botox is permanent 

Although we wish Botox was forever ( HAHAHA). Botox does not last a lifetime. However, the results do last months! This just means you can come in to our office in Philly for routine maintenance, or for any special occasion approaching !

Myth #4: Botox freezes facial expressions

Botox is not meant to stop your face from having expressions, although the muscle is paralyzed you can still show expression. The purpose of Botox injections are to enhance your natural beauty, not change it!

Myth #5: Botox can erase all lines and wrinkles

The thing with Botox is, it works on wrinkles created by movement. Examples would be squinting and making an angry facial expression. If these lines are already “deep” they may require multiple injections to achieve that softened look you want! Everyone has different features, and looks so our staff definitely advises getting a consult. Our Philadelphia office is open and always has availability! During the consultation, we come up with a treatment plan, improve on the areas you desire, and help prevent the wrinkles from getting worse. The best part about Revive is we offer free consultations so just give us a ring, or book through our website !


FAQ Section

How does Emsculpt reduce fat?

Emsculpt is a toning and firming technology that causes the muscles in the treatment area to contract using electromagnetic energy. These contractions are akin to doing a sit up or squat. Each treatment can achieve 20,000 contractions, which supercharges your body into eliminating fat at a faster rate than exercise.

What can Botox be used for?

While Botox is known for its ability to reduce the visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines, it has been approved for a range of therapeutic applications for the treatment of migraines, sweating, muscle spasms, and bladder problems.

What is an IPL facial?

An IPL facial involves treating problem areas in the face with light energy. Sunspots, birthmarks, acne, discolored skin, and pigmentations are all able to be corrected with treatment by an IPL device by encouraging the cells causing the blemishes to break up and disappear.

How long does an IPL facial last?

The effects of an IPL facial begin to show about one week after treatment, but to enjoy lasting results; you should schedule your procedures every month. You will notice that the most optimal effects last up to five months.

How much hair loss is normal?

Hair loss is a regular aspect of life. Women shed more hair each day than men, but the number of strands that you lose is nothing when compared to how many you have in total. Hair strands have a two to the five-year life cycle and will naturally fall out when at the end.

How does hair restoration work?

There are many ways to restore hair, ranging from surgical options such as hair transplants to Platelet Rich Plasma and Viviscal®. Each method has advantages and disadvantages and works in different ways to promote natural hair growth.

Which permanent hair removal method is the best?

Revive Philly promotes the ProWave hair removal method for lasting results for our clients in Philadelphia, PA. This treatment is suitable for people with any skin type and is safe and efficient in removing hair for good.

Does Revive Philly Offer Care Credit to Their Customers?

Yes, you can now experience easy payment options for any service provided by Revive Philly through Care Credit. With flexible payment terms to suit your monthly budget, your medical treatment is well within reach. To calculate your monthly payment options for our procedures, use the payment calculator located here (

Is ProWave Laser Treatment a Permanent Hair Removal Process?

Yes. ProWave works by penetrating into the skin to eradicate hair completely. The laser targets follicles to reduce pigment and growth of hair. ProWave results can be seen even as early as after a single treatment.

Is ProWave Suitable for Hair Removal on My Face?

Absolutely! The ProWave technology is built to suit any skin type or color. This means that we can set the parameters of the device to suit the problem area, including the face.

Is PRP Treatment Safe?

Yes. Platelet rich plasma is created from taking a volume of your own blood which is then spun under force to separate the protein and platelet rich plasma from the red blood cells. As the PRP is harvested from your own body, there is no chance of a reaction against the injection.

How Long Will it Take to See Results from PRP Treatment?

Our patients typically see results from PRP treatment for hair restoration within a period of 12 weeks after the treatment starts.

What if My Question Is Not Answered Here?

If you have any more questions about the services provided by Revive Philly, our team is happy to help. Either visit us at our clinic in Philadelphia, PA, or call us at 1-844-738-4832

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